We are passionate about building relationships with God and each other. Our ministry gives you the opportunity to connect with other women, grow in your faith and love for God and make a difference in the world around you. Whether you are in the workplace, single or married, with children or without, there is a place for you in Women’s Ministry.

For more information, or to get connected, contact: info@marinershb.org


Relationship Foundations

Our Relationship Foundations program is a 7-week course for couples who are seriously dating or engaged. Hosted by some of Mariners HBs Pastors. The curriculum follows Relationship experts Les & Leslie Parrott as they lead you through their 7-week video series. They will cover 7 key questions that will help couples identify and overcome stumbling blocks to building a healthy, lifelong marriage.


Holy Yoga

100% Yoga. 100% Jesus.

Holy Yoga is a wellness ministry that combines yoga, music, and God's Word to deepen our connection with God.

Join us via zoom! (zoom link provided once you register)


Portrait of a Woman

Written and led by Barbara Egbert

Portrait of a Woman and Jesus is a unique 14-week study that combines Scripture and artwork portraying encounters of women and Jesus. The author will guide the participant through a journey of her heart with honest questions about identity, brokenness and her relationship with God. By reflecting on Jesus' compassionate responses to the women He interacted with, you will be encouraged to trust in His desire and power to bring wholeness into all areas of your life.


Connect Group | Scandalous Savior: Shocking Conversations with Jesus

Throughout the gospels we see Jesus in shocking conversations. Not only were the people Jesus spent time with shocking to the religious establishment of the day, but the content of His conversations took everyone by surprise. Jesus wants to have conversations with you too. About your achievements, your past, your way to God, your prayers, and how you view Him.


Women's Connect Group